Arieon Studios is a producer of filmed entertertainment formed by partners Billy Sorrells, Paul Buxie
and Elijah Karriem in 2011 based in Houston, TX. Arieon specializes in the conception, design,
execution and completion of productions with high production value yet reletively low overall


Mission Statement

Areion Studios will strive to provide the finest entertainment experience imaginable for audineces
everywhere. Our promise is to provide the best in entertainment for all ages, cultures and classes
who we can touch with our products. Areion Studios and its subsidiaries will seek out new talent
and technology in addition to refining age-old techniques to form the next wave of world-class
films and television programming. Our commitment to developing and distributing the future’s
finest in entertainment will generate attractive, consistent and sustainable returns for our
stakeholders within the company. We believe the Areion Studios experience will touch once and
last a lifetime for all of our audiences, with satisfied patrons who will grow old through generations
as Areion Studios continues to expand.

For Booking & Services Contact:

Paul Buxie: 832-498-6525
James Galloway: 832-516-3412